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Here are your downloads.  There are quite a few as I have endeavoured to keep the file sizes small.



Please check out the following pictures so you can be sure how to download the videos.

When you use the download link it may download immediately but often it will open a page and start playing the video.  The image below is the sort of thing you will see.

You will not see anywhere to download the video on the page until you click the three small dots in the bottom right hand corner.  Then you will see the download option appear.

Simply click download and save to where you want it to go.


Or you my see the following.....with three dots next to the 'Open with' box.

Click on the three dots and a drop down box will appear....select download and save.



Introduction Video


Video 1.


Video 2.


Video 3.


Video 4.


Video 5.


Video 6.


Video 7.


Video 8.


Video 9.


Video 10.





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