Working With Wordpress

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Working With Wordpress

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WordPress is taking the online world by storm by running around 34% of the entire Internet!
Are you ready to take Your Website to the next level with WordPress? Well here's your chance to do so. We have put together all the important resources you need to get started with WordPress quickly and easily. Just grab our comprehensive, step-by-step Wordpress Training HD Video Training Course.
This course will explains the important things you need to know about WordPress and website creation. From how to buy domain and hosting, to installing WordPress, creating pages and posts, selecting themes, installing and using essential plugins, and inserting mediq.

Course content

videoHow to Buy a Domain - Part 16 m 38 s Start
videoHow to Buy a Domain - Part 22 m 19 s Start
videoBuy Hosting4 m 50 s Start
videoSite Redirection2 m 55 s Start
videoChange Nameservers2 m Start
videoCPanel Introduction2 m 45 s Start
videoCreating an Email Account in cPanel2 m 27 s Start
videoInstalling Wordpress Manually5 m 28 s Start
videoInstalling Wordpress in cPanel2 m 30 s Start
videoMake and Edit Post With Wordpress Editor3 m 11 s Start
videoMake and Edit Post with Wordpress Classic Editor3 m 40 s Start
videoWordpress Dashboard Overview2 m 1 s Start
videoTags and Categories5 m 5 s Start
videoAdd Media4 m 41 s Start
videoAdd and Edit Pages2 m 16 s Start
videoWordpress Comments2 m 31 s Start
videoWordpress Theme3 m 56 s Start
videoTheme Customization3 m 22 s Start
videoTheme Editor2 m 55 s Start
videoPlugins2 m 10 s Start
videoMenus4 m 53 s Start
videoWidgets3 m 56 s Start
videoUsers4 m Start
videoTools3 m 41 s Start
videoSettings7 m 32 s Start
videoContact Form4 m 22 s Start
videoHow to Use Gravatar2 m 55 s Start
videoAdding Images and Video2 m 57 s Start
videoStatic Page1 m 31 s Start
videoFavicon2 m 53 s Start
videoInstalling Google Analytics3 m 54 s Start


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