Viral Marketing Blueprint

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Viral Marketing Blueprint

About Course

This training course is broken into 6 complete modules featuring a comprehensive series of 20 in-depth videos teaching you all the important elements of creating and launching profitable Viral marketing campaigns without an expensive cost. With the goal of getting hordes of people spreading the word about your products and services, Viral marketing has gone to a new level altogether.

Like no other marketing strategy you’ll find, it remarkably helps in rapidly increasing response, brand exposure, visibility, and traffic while reaching large numbers of customers and generating increased business revenue. It has also worked for thousands of marketers miraculously in improving the growth of their businesses.

Here is a preview of what you will discover:

  •  Getting started with viral marketing
  • Setting up your viral website
  • Creating your viral content
  • Going viral with social media
  • Profiting with viral marketing
  • Insider viral marketing strategies
  • And so much more!

Viral marketing is one of the most important strategies you can apply for your business.

This course is the fastest and simplest way to market your business without going through a steep learning curve. If you want to get traffic, generate leads and make sales online, viral marketing is the best way to go about it.

Course content

videoViral Marketing Basics - Part 16 m 40 s Start
videoViral Marketing Basics - Part 25 m 37 s Start
videoSetting Up Your Viral Website4 m 23 s Start
videoAdding Must Have Plugins3 m 20 s Start
videoEnabling Power Tools4 m 35 s Start
videoCreating Content3 m 24 s Start
videoThe Anatomy of a Viral Post6 m 36 s Start
videoPosting Your Viral Content Like a Pro3 m 53 s Start
videoIntroduction - Wildly Viral With Social Media6 m 17 s Start
videoPinterest6 m 9 s Start
videoTwitter5 m 40 s Start
videoReddit3 m 37 s Start
videoStumbleUpon3 m Start
videoTurning Your Viral Marketing Into Cash3 m 38 s Start
videoProfiting From Google Adsense3 m 55 s Start
videoProfiting From Content Marketing Platforms3 m 39 s Start
videoIntroduction5 m 59 s Start
videoDon'ts to Avoid6 m 23 s Start
videoPremium Tools and Services6 m 51 s Start
videoShocking Case Studies6 m 41 s Start


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