Smart Funnels Blueprint

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Smart Funnels Blueprint

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9-Part Video Course. “Finally, a Smart Sales Funnel Blueprint That Allows You to Find Your Premium Buyers So You Can Focus On Scaling Your Business…Starting Today!” 

In this video series, you will learn how to properly set up this smart sales funnel so you can sift the serious buyers from the non-serious buyers.

While using the 80/20 rule, did you know that 20% of your buyers bring in the majority of your sales?  That’s not to say that all your buyers are not important.

But that 20% of your buyers are what we call your serious premium buyers.  Folks who are often action takers and want to buy almost everything in your funnel (assuming all your one-time offers and upsells help them achieve their end desire).

Did you know that most sales funnels are setup to combine your premium buyers and non-premium buyers together?

…and by doing this, you impact your long-term growth because you have a list of customers but are not providing them exactly what they want?

If you think about the impact of this common mistake, the results show themselves in low engagement and a low retention rate of buyers.

So, if you’d like to know how to setup your sales funnel to achieve this goal in finding the “diamond in the rough” buyers…

Course content

videoIntroduction8 m 6 s Start
videoTypical OTO4 m 5 s Start
videoCommon Mistakes4 m 46 s Start
videoSegmentation1 m 57 s Start
videoSmart OTO 24 m 35 s Start
videoTechnology Roadblock7 m 12 s Start
videoSetup Process8 m 3 s Start
videoWordpress Integration8 m 47 s Start
videoProfit Checkout Bumps9 m 1 s Start
Paul Cummings

Paul Cummings

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