No Writing Book Creation

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No Writing Book Creation

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Learn various ways to create your book.

Welcome to this course on how to create a book without writing, and right from the beginning, I want

to give you some food for thought and something to imagine.

Think about how nice it would be if you had many books in a relatively short amount of time that you

can then go sell on your site on Amazon, sell elsewhere.

That can be a very nice stay at home passive income business.

In this course, I'll teach you exactly how to get into that game with a couple of ways.

First, I'm going to show you how to create your book entirely by outsourcing, outsourcing, the editing,

outsourcing, other things, outsourcing the creation, just like celebrities write their books.

Do you think they go and they write letter pilot or now they outsource the creation?

The ideas are theirs.

And in your book, the ideas will be yours so that you can preserve your authenticity in the book.

But they don't sit there and write that people do it for them.

And I'll also be sure in many other ways to create books even faster by licensing, by having a ghostwriter,

by creating more content books and many other options.

So you have a full understanding of what's possible in this industry for how to create books so that

you can decide on a strategy for yourself.

OK, here are the books that I'm going to have and here's my plan so I can get into the Amazon s publishing,

because even though you might sell it in other ways, at the end of the day, Amazon is the number one

place to sell books today.

And by the way, in this course, I don't need you to sell.

I only teach you how to come up with books, how to get them created, how to get them, how to acquire

them so that then you can sell.

So here we don't talk about sales, but I will show you how to plan your book.

Almost like having a business plan for your book so that when you do get it created, you're able to

sell it.

It's in the right niche.

All those other factors that will impact the success of your book.

My name is Alex Cohen and I sincerely appreciate you joining the course.

And I'll do whatever I can to make sure that you get a lot of value from the course, starting with

the answer, 99 percent of students questions.

And I've been a bookseller on Amazon for years.

Me, I actually slowly wrote my books.

I actually wrote them a letter by letter and writing.

It is fine if you love writing like I do, but it is slow, meaning it's expensive.

It takes months sometimes to create a great book.

So many revisions and that's time that you cannot be doing anything else.

So outsourcing is actually more intelligent and more optimized, but at the same time, no matter what

way you use to create your book, I know firsthand how lucrative Amazon can be and how nice of a passive

income books can be.

It's still a fantastic opportunity, so I'm very excited for you to join.

Appreciate you joining.

Let's begin.

Course content

video Introduction 2 m 50 s
video If You Are A Bad Writer That Is OK 6 m 17 s
video Free And Paid Options For Recording Your Book 2 m 17 s
video Additional Places To Publish And Sell Your Book 2 m 45 s
video Writing Amazon Low Content KDP Books 4 m 7 s
video Examples Of Low Content Books 3 m 24 s
video PLR Books 3 m 54 s
video Selling Public Domain Content 3 m 28 s
video Hiring A Ghostwriter To Write Your Book 5 m 40 s
video 3 Major Components About Your Business Plan 3 m 3 s
video Book Marketing Overview 7 m 2 s
video How Much You Can Make With Books 4 m 21 s
video Book Keyword Research For Amazon and Kindle SEO 6 m 13 s
video How Long Should Your Book Be 5 m 13 s
video How To Create A How-to Book Outline With 2 Examples
video 016 - Novel Outline Introduction
video Novel Outline - Your Books Basic Premise
video Novel Outline - The Setting Character Development and Plot
video How To Create Your Book Cover For Free 6 m 54 s
video What If People Don't Like Your Book At First 2 m 27 s
video Niche Research With Google Trends 4 m 9 s
video The Netflix Effect 1 m 46 s
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