High Ticket Client Secrets

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High Ticket Client Secrets

About Course

The ability to get people to pay you top dollar for premium fees you command is a jealously guarded secret – UNTIL NOW, that is. Announcing. High Ticket Clients Secrets This is the go-to Master Program for anyone serious about getting high Ticket clients and skyrocket their coaching and consultation business. As an added Perk: You’ll be the envy of your peers when you come out to a Powerhouse!

This training consists of a series of 8 Videos in MP4 Format, with a Total Running Time: 1 hour 08 Minutes.

You Will Access The Following Video Training Modules:

#1: Why Go For High Paying Clients

#2: What it Takes to Close High Paying Clients

#3: How to Position Yourself as an Expert

#4: How to Identify and Qualify Clients

#5: The Sales Process

#6: Overcoming Sales Objections

#7: How to Price Your Product

#8: How to Deliver Results After Payment Is Made

Course content

videoWhy Go For High Paying Clients2 m 4 s Start
videoWhat it Takes to Close High Paying Clients6 m 34 s Start
videoHow to Position Yourself as an Expert5 m 54 s Start
videoHow to Identify and Qualify Clients2 m 53 s Start
videoThe Sales Process19 m 12 s Start
videoSales Objections17 m 11 s Start
videoHow to Price Your Product8 m 21 s Start
videoHow to Deliver After Payment is Made6 m 1 s Start
Paul Cummings

Paul Cummings

Course Instructor

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