Google Optimization

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Google Optimization

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The reality is that most businesses forget this crucial piece of the puzzle and simply don’t know why they’re not getting traffic from Google. They think SEO is a big scam purely because of bad assumptions. Google and other search engines have become much smarter than ever. What this means is that they are constantly trying to figure out what your website is all about.

That said – it still needs a little help to know what your website is all about and that is the best way to get ranked on the right keywords so that you attract the right prospects.

Most people forgo on-page search engine optimization and try to focus on getting backlinks. This is a big mistake because by not doing something as simple as on-page SEO, you will lose out on some

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video Introduction 5 m 10 s
video Main focus 2 m 56 s
video SEO Factors 7 m 15 s
video SEO - URL 10 m 4 s
video SEO - BODY 7 m 32 s
video SEO - IMAGE 7 m 7 s
video SEO - TITLE 6 m 25 s
video SEO - Meta 2 m 17 s
video SEO - Wordpress Plugins 5 m 32 s
Paul Cummings

Paul Cummings

Course Instructor