Putting Your Product On JV Zoo & Selling Techniques

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Putting Your Product On JV Zoo & Selling Techniques

About Course

How to properly setup your products on JVZoo, automate your sales funnels and get paid instantly! The best way to map out your sales funnel and see first hand how your upsells, down-sells and one time offers flow together before getting started.

This is an easy step-by-step walkthrough for setting up your sales page, thank you page, and downloadable files so you can automatically sell and deliver your products.

“Finally, Discover How to Easily Boost Your Product Sales With These Proven 15-Minute Methods That Are Built Into The JVZoo Platform”
This video course will take you behind the scenes to help you understand how to increase your digital product sales using proven methods that are not based on theory.
Whether you use JVZoo or another platform, you need to know how to boost your sales and how to implement realistic methods fast. Fortunately for you, however, we have gone through the trials and tribulations required to figure things out, and we can now teach you how to do it all.
So, what if you were given methods that work – and that you could implement within less than 15 minutes each? Would you take it? Or what if you, like everyone else, try and test it out? By then, you will have invested thousands of dollars only to find yourself back at square one.
Here are the topics that will be covered:
Video #1 – Introduction
Video #2 – Why Scarcity?
Video #3 – Time-Limited Discount Specials
Video #4 – Customer-Only Coupon Discounts
Video #5 – Joint Venture Private Promotions
Video #6 – Price Increases
Video #7 – Automatic Price Bumps
Video #8 – Automatic Dime Sales

Course content

video Introduction 7 m 57 s
video Checklist 8 m 33 s
video Map Funnel 7 m 27 s
video Finalise Pages 11 m 58 s
video Setting Up Product 6 m 53 s
video Payment Button 2 m 36 s
video Upload Pages 6 m 28 s
video Sales Funnels 4 m 5 s
video Profit Sharing 4 m 34 s
video Affiliate Program 15 m 43 s
video Introduction - High Conversions Formula 6 m 12 s
video Scarcity 5 m 46 s
video First Method 8 m 59 s
video Coupons 4 m 58 s
video JV Promotions 9 m 7 s
video Second Method 4 m 40 s
video One Time Bumps 3 m 14 s
video Dime Sales 2 m 45 s


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