Earnings Per Click (EPC) Conversion Mastery

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Earnings Per Click (EPC) Conversion Mastery

About Course

Video Training Reveals Insider Secrets Of Achieving High ‘Earnings Per Click’ For Every Product You Launch.

Do you want to get more affiliates promoting your offers?

Do you want to easily convince top marketers to mail their buyer list for every single product launch you do? If the answer is YES, then listen up…

Now it’s time for you to: Learn How To Master ‘EPC’.

EPC stands for “Earnings Per Click”. In a nutshell, it describes how much money affiliates earn for every click they send to your offer. These figures show how well your offer is converting overall and how profitable it is for them to keep promoting it.

This is so important. The Secret That Nobody Want You To Know. For many years, the gurus have to keep ‘EPC Mastery’ a closely guarded secret and never talked about it. But not anymore, because today, we’re going to unveil everything about it in this easy to follow video training that I created for you.

There’s a proven and simple solution to always keep a high EPC for every offer you launch. 5 Big Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time To Get Started.

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Video Training:

– What is EPC and how it is calculated?
– Learn the conditions involved to have a high or low EPC.
– Learn why marketers use the EPC figures a lot in their campaign.
– Discover the big mistakes that most marketers make about EPC.
– The “LIE” that most people believe in when seeing the EPC figures in the marketplace.
– The TRUE way of knowing your real EPC.
– Learn the multiple techniques used by marketers to INFLATE their EPC.
– The use of bonus pages and webinars when launching.
– How to know if the product you’ll be promoting is really HOT aside for looking to the EPC.
– And so much more.

Course content

video Overview 12 m 53 s
video Influenced By Your Sales Funnel 9 m 22 s
video Influenced By Affiliate Commissions 8 m 26 s
video Influenced By E-Mail 11 m 10 s
video Influenced By Sales Funnels - Real Life Examples 8 m 23 s
video Sales Funnel Influence - More Principles 9 m 12 s
video Affiliate Commissions 7 m 49 s
video Email Influence 4 m 58 s
video Pre-Launch Influence 4 m 2 s
video Influenced By Bonuses 7 m 23 s
Paul Cummings

Paul Cummings

Course Instructor