Amazon Affiliate Profits

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Amazon Affiliate Profits

About Course

Amazon Affiliate Profits is the number one ecommerce retailer, visited by over 250 million people in any given month.

Becoming an Amazon affiliate will only take you about 5 to 10 minutes of your time. There is an endless number of products to promote and you can earn high commissions that add up with each sale.

But trying to profit from Amazon is extremely difficult, if you don’t know what you are doing.

With this video course you will learn how to become a Super Amazon Affiliate so you can finally achieve your goal of working from home, doing something that you really love, and making lots of money in the process.

Topics covered:

  • What’s all about?
  • How do you make money with Amazon as an affiliate?
  • Why Amazon Affiliate Marketing is your best choice
  • Picking a Hot Amazon Niche
  • Selecting some Hot Products to Promote
  • Creating an Amazon Affiliate Website
  • Creating Product Oriented Content
  • Creating Your Amazon Associates Account
  • Linking your Amazon Affiliate Links
  • Promoting your Amazon Affiliate Website
  • Building an Amazon Affiliate Empire the Right Way
  • Amazon Native Shopping Ads
  • Embedding an Amazon Store into Facebook
  • Other Amazon Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Consider

Course content

video What is Amazon All About 3 m 4 s
video How Do You Make Money With Amazon? 3 m 3 s
video Why Amazon Affiliate Marketing is Your Best Choice 2 m 52 s
video Picking a Hot Amazon Niche 3 m 59 s
video Selecting Hot Products to Promote 3 m 32 s
video Creating an Amazon Affiliate Website 8 m 1 s
video Creating Product Orientated Content 5 m 52 s
video Creating Your Amazon Associated Account 3 m 44 s
video Linking Your Amazon Affiliate Links 4 m 10 s
video Website Promotion - Part 1 2 m 42 s
video Website Promotion - Part 2 2 m 53 s
video Amazon Empire the Right Way 3 m 36 s
video Amazon Native Shopping Ads 3 m 13 s
video Embedding an Amazon aStore into Facebook 4 m 57 s
video Other Amazon Marketing Strategies to Consider 3 m 28 s


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